Banting and inflammation – sugar molecules are sticky indeed!

I was asked to write a blurb about carbs and inflammation. Do I think that carbs cause inflammation?

Yes I do. The problem is that we very easily overeat carbs. It is quite possible for a human to eat a packet or two (big one) of chips and then a slab of chocolate. Right? I can confess that even I (who should know better) have done this. Would you be able to eat the same quantity of fat? I really doubt, you would start to feel bilious and have to stop.

An overload of carbs = an overload of glucose molecules. Have you ever spilt coke on the floor? It is sticky. So an overload of glucose molecules are STICKY indeed. What does sticky do? Sticky causes things to stick together = inflammation. The body obviously objects to things sticking together and so tries to get them unstuck – a mop up operation – inflammatory cascade delux.

There are studies that link high carb consumption to cancer and it is for this reason – you are forcing your body to mop up more than it should besides the stick icky sugar molecules being fuel for bad cells to grow.

Is sugar bad? Look around you. One hundred years ago people ate less rubbish (i.e. sugar) and they were generally skinnier and healthier. Look at America these days – many many overweight people all stuffing large loads of carbs down their gullets. Not fat? Carbs.

Carbs, Coke and the like are the devil.

Is fat better for you then? Well no but you are not going to eat the quantity of fat in terms of the equal quantity of carbs. Carbs are nice, they are pleasant, we like eating them. To eat a lot of fat is not as nice and one starts to feel yucky earlier on. Does fat cause inflammation ? YEs indeed. What actually happens is that all those carbs that exceed what you need are turned to fat, you heard me – turned to fat. And that is why they cause weight gain. The extra carbs are “stored” as fat for times of trouble and famine. Only in 2017 in the west there is no famine.

So should you be banting then? My personal view is that less carbs is good, more fat is not necessarily good. It is important to understand the different “fats” good vs bad and yes eat more good fat. If you decide to “Bant” – do so with a dietician. Most folk who “Bant” off the bat get it horrible wrong and do more harm.


pile of carbs

pile of carbs

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2 thoughts on “Banting and inflammation – sugar molecules are sticky indeed!

  1. Adele Potgieter August 12, 2015 at 9:39 am Reply

    Thanks Doc…I am going to print this info and stick it on my fridge…Take care.


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