That baby fat – getting rid of “so how many months are you? grr”

Any lady who has been pregnant (well except those freaks of nature who only gain a few kgs and shed them immediately as you shed a jersey), will know that if you gain an excessive amount of weight during pregnancy it can be an incredibly hard task to shed them.

In my case it took me a long long time. It was around a year ago that I finally grew weary of the endless comments – “so how far along are you?” “when is your 3 rd baby due?”. Well I was not and my 2nd baby was already one, so yes why did I still look like a pregnant fairy?

I made up my mind that it was going – all of it and set some rigorous goals. And for me more than anything else it was that mindset and determination. Yes I cut out sugar and refined carbs. No I did not strictly “Bant” so to speak but I do believe I combined the best elements of “banting and Noakes ideas” with healthy eating and added in exercise where I could – although anyone with 2 children will know this is quite hard.

Slowly the kgs came off and most delightedly my waist line shrunk away.

Now the comments are along the lines of ” you are wasting away” – I can live with that. 🙂

beatiful bump -no this is not me

beatiful bump -no this is not me

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