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Diabetes breaks my heart daily

Children with diabetes type 1 is a source of heartache. This is a tricky time for any family at diagnosis but perhaps more heartbreaking is the ongoing, daily, hourly, nightly task to test and maintain and attempt to prevent, fail and try again.

Hard work does not describe it. Relentless, taxing, intensely debilitating mind body and soul of a parent never mind the little one.

Siblings, family members and friends get drawn into the taxation.

So the closer we get to a faultless closed-loop the happier my little heart beats.


Nature provides cures

Nature provides cures.

Nature provides cures

This is a subject I could write about all day. Diabetes is a fascinating subject, but nature is even more fascinating.

Way back in my career whilst a student I learnt about physiology of the body and in specific about increctins and the incretineffect. IN short meaning that if you ingest a glucose molecule orally vs having it injected your gut – gastrum – reacts differently and secretes a hormone in response if ingested orally in order to help “process” the glucose molecule. This is lost in diabetics.

Take a bow the gila monster as this creature that lives in the desert has incretins in it’s saliva that was discovered (??how I don’t know) and replicated in a laboratory to create the drug byetta or exenatide that is a wonder medication for type 2 and even type 1 diabetics.

Now I don’t know if scientists go around deserts and forests testing different creatures saliva, but is it not fascinating that some of the answers lie in nature and can solve huge mysteries. Makes you think.

Body bliss whilst mind vacations

I have to commend Brookdale on the midlands for the way in which they approach total relaxation for mind, body and soul. The way in which one is coaxed into a total bliss state is something of a magic trick. I am a tightly wound bobbin and they somehow tapped into the little strand that unravelled the taughtness and slowly and gently moved me to a wonderful deep relaxation.

Highly highly recommended.

Still feeling relaxed.

Also highly recommend their cook book – heavenly and healthy foods – great great philosophy of eating and enjoying food.

Hormone havoc

So the week that I was premenstrual my sugars were on average 2-3 mmol/l higher than the previous week. This was most surprising to me. Also more often than not I felt low – but was not. (Double-checked on the manual meter – accu-chek performa which I trust).

I am not diabetic. So I can just imagine what havoc is played out in the diabetic female population during this time.

In my opinion hormones are the devil. And this is proof.

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Health hydro magic

I was blessed to be invited away by a very good friend of many years to Brookdale in the Natal midlands. I had never been to such a place.

It was a 2 day break that felt like 7. Total relaxation and rest combined with pampering at the highest level as well as exercise classes to invigorate and spending some time in the sauna and jacuzzi. Many hours of chatting and catching up. Dreamy blissful sleep.

Highly highly recommended and a wonderful way to get away from everything and rejuvenate body, soul and mind.

fooled, so more value for money

😉 sshh don’t tell anyone, managed to get the sensor to continue to read accurately…

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