Diabetes diabetic Ketoacidosis -a tribute “Distilled”

At medical school the precious few facts one is taught regarding diabetes is mental in the first place. But what is really scary is how they scare one regarding the dreaded DKA!!! One of the best lessons I learnt was from one of my guru’s : Prof Larry Distiller, he profoundly distilled any previous notion of fear and crystallised the information in a succinct way that has allowed me to treat DKA very easily ever since. Take a step back he said, interfering unnecessarily fast and crazily is what kills.

So now I apply the knowledge he distilled and only have the patient in for as quickly as it takes to essentially normalise all the crazy physiology and they go home happily between 24-48 hours later. Not lingering in a dreadful hospital environment for 10 days which is enough to induce psychosis in the most stable patient.

Yes DKA is scary, yes one comes very close to death, yes it can be a disaster. However if one proceeds with knowledge and applies that intellect to the problem in a team fashion it is so treatable and so rewarding to treat.

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One thought on “Diabetes diabetic Ketoacidosis -a tribute “Distilled”

  1. sunontiepost August 15, 2015 at 5:59 pm Reply

    I was hospitalized multiple times for dka between 2009 and 2011. Each time spending 3-4 days in icu during which they were able to rule out that I was just neglecting management. Also those months were not the first time dka had reared its ugly frightening head.
    During one of my “visits” was the first time I had heard a medical professional use the term “brittle”…a dubious distinction I gather.
    All that to ask your opinion. ..what is brittle and is it real?
    Many thanks for your consideration.


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