Nature provides cures

This is a subject I could write about all day. Diabetes is a fascinating subject, but nature is even more fascinating.

Way back in my career whilst a student I learnt about physiology of the body and in specific about increctins and the incretineffect. IN short meaning that if you ingest a glucose molecule orally vs having it injected your gut – gastrum – reacts differently and secretes a hormone in response if ingested orally in order to help “process” the glucose molecule. This is lost in diabetics.

Take a bow the gila monster as this creature that lives in the desert has incretins in it’s saliva that was discovered (??how I don’t know) and replicated in a laboratory to create the drug byetta or exenatide that is a wonder medication for type 2 and even type 1 diabetics.

Now I don’t know if scientists go around deserts and forests testing different creatures saliva, but is it not fascinating that some of the answers lie in nature and can solve huge mysteries. Makes you think.


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  1. Nature provides cures | drleethegp July 16, 2015 at 10:10 am Reply

    […] Nature provides cures. […]


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