Hormone havoc

So the week that I was premenstrual my sugars were on average 2-3 mmol/l higher than the previous week. This was most surprising to me. Also more often than not I felt low – but was not. (Double-checked on the manual meter – accu-chek performa which I trust).

I am not diabetic. So I can just imagine what havoc is played out in the diabetic female population during this time.

In my opinion hormones are the devil. And this is proof.

#drleethegp #hormonesarethedevil #hormones #diabetes


One thought on “Hormone havoc

  1. Fiona July 15, 2015 at 4:40 pm Reply

    This is such an eye opener hey Claud’s…. Makes us more tolerant to what our poor DM patients go through


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