Exercise: a simple, cheap A1c sorter

Ok so on day 5 of dexcom sensor I go for a run. Have had blinking bronchitis for 3 weeks and missed running. Start out on a sugar of 5.2 and 40 min later the sugar was 4.1. Just from a run. Now I am not a super duper fast runner. I am essentially a plodder – especially after this bout of gunge.

And ever since (even after meals) my sugars have been below 5. Legacy effect?

So I know I am not diabetic but I also do know it has a similar effect in diabetics. I am suggesting try it. 40 min twice a week. If you like to walk, walk, if you like to run, run. Gym? Swim? horseride?

Try it.

#drleethegp # exercise and diabetes #it works


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