Hypos kill brain and body

Further to my blog yesterday I wanted to re-iterate the dangers of hypoglycemia. The nerves in the brain are exceptionally objectional to low sugar and even at a hint on the radar of a “bad drop” they start to get “tetchy”. Symptoms of hypos are feeling dizzy, hungry, sweating, fatigue, confusion and eventually convulsions and then coma. What happens in this scenario is that brain cells die! And they can never be recovered.

In other words multiple episodes of having a low sugar not only affect intelligence, comprehension and general functioning but knock on then inevitably to social functioning and relationships.

They are death to multi-facetted life.

In bad instances they kill, i.e. no more to be the end.

Not good.

Awareness is key. If you are diabetic you literally can not afford in terms of brain and body function to go low especially to the level of confusion and coma.


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