What should my sugar be??

If you are diabetic you will know that having the perfect sugar is the holy grail and virtually impossible to attain all the time and time is 24 hours a day – if only diabetics could take a break for a few hours – I agree!! So the holy grail of sugar control is an unending affair, a tiring affair.

For my own patients I like a trend line, in other words as long as the trend is ball-park where I like it that is good enough for me. It is virtually impossible to have a sugar run at 7 all the time.

I first aim to get rid of lows – they kill you quickly and quietly. High sugars destroy many things like eyes and kidneys but over a period of about 10 years. High sugars are not great but they are not an imminent danger.

So for me the “good place” for a sugar to be is between 4.5 and 8.9 – ideally. At a stretch 3.9 – 10 is still ok. Don’t like sticky blood >10. But more than that do not like the effects of a low – dying brain cells or dead patient.

The odd number above or below that is also OK ! As I said the trend line is what I look at.



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