a week full of challenges

So when your husband goes away for 10 days with 2 full weekends as well as 2 public holidays making it many days on a stretch of continuous child care and that co-incides with one of the trickiest, hardest weeks of the year!!!

Life likes to throw the odd challenge, its when it does that in “hat trick” style on the week that the minor support system is unavailable. I say minor not meaning to sound as terrible as that sounds, I use the word minor in terms of the context of jobs done by one or the other. Any way you take the previous statement what I am trying to say is even the “minor” help is major when it is absent. Anyway.

The odd challenge is manageable, 3 major ones in a row in a week that was always going to be hard is a recipe for almost gauranteed mayhem. I am trying to make lemonade – it seems to be curdling!!

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