type 1 – a whole different ball game

Type 1 diabetes is a devastating diagnosis. Usually occurring in young people/children all of a sudden. Thirst, frequency, weight loss with sudden onset of acute illness is how it all unfolds.

What it means in essence is a complete loss of B cells resulting in a complete lack of insulin. Insulin is the key that gets the glucose into a cell. Cells require glucose to metabolise and become anaerobic without it. Yes all very complicated but essentially without insulin the cells “starve”.

Once diagnosed type 1 the child is now dependant on insulin. Unfortunately at this point in time (and watch this space) insulin is dosed by needle and injection. This is most unpleasant (even for adults). It is however life-saving. Pump therapy in essence is a much better/more physiological way of insulin delivery that results in better control with way fewer hypoglycaemic events.

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