why are there so many diabetics these days? I mean type 2

Well because we stuff our bodies with all kinds of yuck stuff starting with a “c”!! Fizzy drinks, and yes Coke is the devil – especially 2 L of it per day – duh! Did you really think that was ok day after blinking day??

The whole low fat lie thing certainly contributes. The lower the fat generally the higher the sugar and yes those carbs they are really not great when you are stuffing them down morning noon and night :(.

It is actually so easy when it comes to type 2 diabetes – just don’t and you won’t become diabetic – type 2. Exercise, healthy eating – balanced with “normal” human propotions of all the food groups. Don’t cram your mouth full of carbs, sit on the couch, drink full fizz and expect to look like a ramp model and live a healthy long life.

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